Air Traffic Controllers training for GRADE demonstrations completed!

CIRA Integrated Simulation Facility has hosted the Air Traffic Controllers training for GRADE demonstrations for MATS and BULATSA ATCOs, that will be involved in GRADE Real Time Simulations and Fligth Trials.

Our project is going to demonstrate how SESAR can meet the needs of the general aviation & rotorcraft community and will facilitate the integration of GA and rotorcraft into airspace and airports where the SESAR concepts and technologies are implemented.

4 Air Traffic Controllers and 2 pseudo-pilots were involved July 5, 19, 24 2018, testing 2 traffic density scenarios simulated at Capua airport.

Training sessions were needed to make Air Traffic Controllers confident with Controller Working Position emulator they will use during Flight Trials and Real Time Simulations and to CIRA team to collect feedback form ATCOs to improve CWP interface for the optimal running of planned tests.

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