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GNSS Solutions for Increased GA and Rotorcraft Airport Accessibility Demonstration.

GRADE is a European-wide project which has  the ambition to demonstrate the ability of General Aviation (GA) and Rotorcraft to benefit from the concepts developed in the SESAR programme, in order to facilitate the integration of GA and rotorcraft into airspace and airports where the SESAR concepts and technologies are implemented.

The demonstration objectives will be achieved through in flight live trials performed at two different sites, using three different aircraft. The flight trials will be complemented by preparatory Real-Time Simulation campaigns, with hardware and humans in the loop, in order to identify the most relevant scenario conditions to be tested in flight, to assess possible safety risks during the in-flight trials, as well as to achieve preliminary assessment of measurable performance indices in realistic environments.

What We Can Do

Technological aspects

The project will also focus on technological aspects. Indeed, the following products, already available within the consortium and suitably customized to fit the above listed SESAR Solutions, will be tested in flight.

GNSS EGNOS based and GNSS GBAS navigation algorithms able to guarantee the applicable RNP.

Portable non-certified Primary Flight Display (PFD) to support pilot decisions and operations by showing procedures, visual information and visual cues, performance monitoring, alerting functions for safely conducting the flight.

GRADE approaches introduce improvements to safety by providing more accurate positioning of the aircraft during the approach and geometrical vertical guidance during the final approach segment, thus reducing the risk of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) events.

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